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Every year Summerset Adventure Tours takes a group of wine loving, adventure seeking individuals off the beaten paths of Europe.

Last year we went to Italy, the year before it was France, and the year before was Spain! This year’s agenda is still in the works, join our mailing list if you’re interested in traveling with us in 2017!

Questions contact us:, 515-961-3545.

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Check out where we traveled to in Italy in 2016!

What's Included

AIR TRANSPORTATION: Economy class air travel on United and Lufthansa from Des Moines to Florence (via Chicago and Frankfurt) and returning from Naples (via Munich and Chicago) to Des Mones. All air includes taxes, fuel surcharges and ticketing fees.

Shared double occupancy at 4* hotels as follows:




*Some meals will be provided, but not all. Details to follow.


Please kindly note the following IMPORTANT information:

1). There are no refunds for any unused portion of the tour that you decide not to participate locally.

2). The sightseeing is subject to change depending on the opening hours of the various sites included in the program, and depending on local conditions.

3). General gratuities are included in your package price, EXCEPT to your escort, driver and local guides. It is customary for the tour participants to tip, on a personal basis, the tour escort, driver and local guides based on the satisfaction of the services received.

4). Our US Dollar quotations are based on the approximate rate of exchange of today.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many bags can I take? One checked bag is free up to 50 pounds. You are responsible for carrying all your bags.One personal item on plane: No charge
    One bag carry-on: No charge
    One bag checked: No chargeSize and Weight Per Bag Allowed*
    45 in/ (carry-on)
    62 in (checked)
    50 lbs (checked)


  • How much money do I need? The prices in Europe are similar to the United States. The Euro is about equal to $1.10 dollars per 1 euro. Or $1.00 equals .90 euro. This will probably fluctuate. You’ll be responsible for some lunches and dinners. Almost every place will accept credit cards. You may also want to purchase currency prior to departure. Wells Fargo sells international currency.
  • We also recommend bringing a credit card or debit card and getting some cash at an ATM machine. ATM machines give you the most current rate of exchange. There are ATM machines everywhere. Call your credit card company and debit card company before you leave to let them know you are leaving the country. Ask them what your fees and charges will be.


  • What clothes should I bring? Bring comfortable walking shoes. Be prepared to walk A LOT! Elevators are very rare on tours, so you must be able to climb stairs. Clothing is casual, anything you normally wear is fine. Be sure you bring a light jacket and clothes you can layer. The weather can change quickly with brisk breezes and rain on the coast. Bring a jacket in case of rain, possibly an umbrella. Jeans are OK, or khaki slacks. Shorts are not allowed in churches, and women must cover bare shoulders.   Usually the weather is beautiful, in the 60’s and 70’s during the day, and chilly at night (in the 40’s or 50’s).


  • How do I get a Passport? If you don’t have a passport, go to the US post office to get one or go online for more information:


  • Do I need travel insurance? Travel insurance is generally affordable. Our agent is offering travel insurance this year. Or you may contact your own insurance agent. There are many companies that provide insurance. If you purchase insurance, we suggest you understand completely what is covered and what isn’t. Read the fine print. We are also offering travel insurance, more info here.


  • Do I tip in Europe? Tipping is usually around 10% -15% at restaurants. Sometimes a service charge has been added to your bill.


  • Do I tip my tour guide, driver, and day guides? Yes. Recommended tips: Tour escort – Euro 5,00 per person/day. Driver – Euros 3,00 per person/day. Local guides – Euros 2,00 per person/per guided tour (half day).  Please make sure you have enough money to tip at the end of the trip. Sometimes we’ll have a new driver half way through our tour, but our guide will make sure you know that the driver will be leaving. Your tour guide will be with you every day and we think you’ll really enjoy him (or her).


  • How do I make phone calls to the United States? Contact your cell phone company to set your phone to make calls from Europe.


  • What if we are making our own flight arrangements? How do we find our group? If you are flying separately arrive before the rest of the group.   Our group name will be Summerset, and our guide will meet us at the airport and have a sign.   Make sure you know the group travel arrival information so you can make your way to the terminal and gate where the group is waiting. Be prepared to find your own transportation to the hotel if arriving later than the group.


  • Will my hair dryer work in Europe? Europe uses 220 volts of electricity, which will burn up your hair dryer or curling iron (and maybe your hair!!). Our hotels will have hair dryers because we are staying in 4 star hotels. Some of the hotels will have a converter built in. Make sure your appliance has a switch for 110 or 220. Converters can be purchased at Target. You may also want to purchase plug adapters, so you can plug into the European style electrical outlet.


  • Is a 4-star hotel the same as in the United States? No. But they are much better than 2 star or 3 star hotels!


  • Will I be able to do laundry? There are laundro-mats available.   Also, the hotels will have laundry services.


  • Will my valuables be safe in the hotel? Most hotels will have a safe. You may be required to leave a deposit to use the safe. We suggest you leave valuables and jewelry at home.


  • What should I carry on the plane with me? Bring any medicine, money and valuables in your carry-on bag. We suggest a change of clothes (just in case), and any personal items you need. We may be starting the tour before we arrive at the hotel, so be prepared with any items you may need.


  • Do you have a roommate you’ve never met? We suggest you go for coffee to get to know each other. Do you get up early? Or go to bed late? Do you need a noise machine to sleep? Do you need a night light? These are some items to discuss before committing to a roommate.


Photo Gallery: Spain & Portugal
Photo Gallery: Summerset Adventure Tours
Spain & Portugal 2014

Check out how much fun we had traveling through Spain & Portugal! 

Photo Gallery: Italy
Photo Gallery: Summerset Adventure Tours
Italy 2011-2013

Check out how much fun we had traveling through Italy! 

Video: Spain & Portugal
Summerset Adventure Tours
Video: Spain & Portugal 

Check out a video of exactly where we went on our trip to Spain & Portugal!

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